piątek, 27 lutego 2015

Cave Of Secrets

T-Shirt - ..::ILLI::.. - Knitted Deep V-Shirt

Shorts - ..::ILLI::.. - Male Shorts MM Board Prize
Slippers - ..::ILLI::.. - Slink Giorgio (HUD Driven)
Hair - *ARGRACE* - Minato-Black - FREE/group
Necklace - CZ Moments - Moments Men Nacklace - FREE/group
Bracelet - AIDORU - Downtow Leather And Chain - FREE/group

Time To Rest

By Blancze

Boy From The SubUrbs

Tank-Top - ..::ILLI::.. - Front Pocket Tank Top (HUD Driven)

Shorts - B&T - Mesh Cargo Shorts Green Camo
Boots - B&T - Mesh High Top Sneakers Green Camo
Hair - [Atro Patena] - Rome Black - Subscribe Gift
SunGlasses - FNKY! 33 Oculos


                                         By Fabian

Chic Glamour

HAIR: Tameless @Beatice FREE/group
DRESS: InsomniaStore @Glamour Gown Dress w/HUD
By Blancze

czwartek, 26 lutego 2015

Mr. Dj

Outfit - [R]_360_ - Urban Cargo - FREE/group
Shoes - ..::ILLI::.. - Slink Invictus Slip

Avatar - ALL FOR 99L$ - Complete Avatar Black Guy (Shape,Skin,Hat,Belt,Shoes,More)

środa, 25 lutego 2015

Shines Like A Star

OUTFIT: MusiQ Designs @Union Jack outfit w/Slink mid feet_Musiq

NECKLACE: The Vintage Touch @Silver Lotus Pendant FREE gift
GUITAR: Carlosfx93 Store @Black Strato [Scum Guitars] L$ 1
SHOES: # Sweet Juice # @Shoes Dark- SLINK HIGH

By Blancze

wtorek, 24 lutego 2015

Sadness Princess

TIARA: LE FORME @Valinor Tiara FREE gift
HAIR: Soonsiki @Glamour Doll FREE/group
SKIN: Lumae @Heartache FREE/group
MOUTH BANDAGE: # 187 # @Bandage FREE/group
DRESS: Synyster Creations @Ramona Dress

WINGS: Ryuuzaki Lane @DarkStalkers Wings L$ 0

By Blancze

Mysterious Night

Jacket - G&D - Suede Jacket
Jeans - MasamuneRock - Straight And Roll Up
Boots - ::BRAVURA:: - Spring Ankle - FREE/group
Hair - [Atro Patena] - Paris-Black II - FREE/group-Join L$ 50

                                             By Fabian

niedziela, 22 lutego 2015

Springs Is Coming

T-Shirt - AsHmOoT - SS Coll Male
Pants - [AdN] - Stay True
Shoes - [NyDesign] - Mesh Skull Sneakers - FREE/group
Hair - [Atro Patena] - Rome-Black - FREE/group-Join L$ 50
SunGlasses - = REBELLION = - Aviator SunGlasses - FREE/group
Bracelet - ::BRAVURA:: - Braided Leather - FREE/group
Necklaces - *PowerDesign* - Amadeo Necklance - FREE/group

                              By Fabian

Glam Barbie

DRESS: LE FORME @Sofy Long Dress Pink FREE/group
NECKLACE: Milady's @-Sparkle- Gold Necklace L$ 0
SHOES: ..::ILLI::.. @Amarissa Heels

By Blancze

sobota, 21 lutego 2015


HAIR: Tableau Vivant @Choko hair FREE/group
JACKET: Fierce Designs @Mesh Spring Jacket FREE/group
PANTS: Suki @Lithium Leather Pants L$ 5
BAG: [ANONYMOUS] @Exclusive Mesh - Aoki Bag FREE/group
SHOES: [R] Allure @Lotus Zipper Stiletto FREE/group
By Blancze

piątek, 20 lutego 2015

czwartek, 19 lutego 2015

In The Spotlight

EARRINGS: R.icielli @GEM WINGS Earrings FREE
SHIRT: InsomniaStore @Long Sleeve Shirt Vest/Zipper ADD w/HUD 
BRACELETS: a m o r o u s @You L$ 0
SHORTS: {.::LRH::.} @Frayed Medium Denim Shorts *MESH* L$ 1
TIGHTS: Vlad Blackburn @Designer Tights Set 6 ~ in 6 Colors L$ 0
BOOTS: Vlad Blackburn @Strapped Blackburns L$ 0

By Blancze


HAT: *LpD* @Poetry Hat FREE/group
HAIR: “”D!va“” @Hair Marie FREE/group
SUNGLASSES, JACKET, SKIRT: Aly's Shop @Shannon Outfit Yellow FREE/group
By Blancze

środa, 18 lutego 2015

Night Out On the Town

Blouse - Legal Insanity - Anarchy Hoodie - Group L$ 1
Pants - Urban Swaggy - Arabian Long Pants - FREE/group
Shoes - [[Cake]] - BasketBall Sneakers Hip Hop
Hair - [Atro Patena] - Rome - Subscribe Gift
Necklaces - Zuey - Moments Mens Necklace
Mask - .::Radi0active::. - U.S.S Gas Mask
Watch - ::ZED:: - Mesh Leather Watch Bracelet - FREE/group
Baseball - RegionDefense - Bloody Baseball Bat

                            By Fabian

Rainbow Unicorn

HODDIE: .Olive. @the Unicorn Hoddie - Mohwak Maddness Black FREE gift
HAIR: ( r e d ) M i n t @gG 01'15 FREE/group
DRESS: Brii Underground @Kawaldi Dress FREE/group
 HORSE DOLL: Zenith @Year of the Horse FREE/group
BRACELETS: Brii Underground @Kalwadi Bracelets FREE/group
SHOES: Shushu Congrejo @HAPPY WALK sneaker boots L$ 0

By Blancze